Flemish Advisory Council for Administrative Affairs

The Flemish Advisory Council for Administrative Affairs [Vlaamse Adviesraad voor Bestuurszaken - VLABEST] is an advisory body of the Flemish government and parliament. The council is independent and is established by decree. It can issue advice when requested or on its own initiative.

The council gives advice on the Flemish policy concerning personnel and organisation, ICT, e-government, better regulation, facility management and real estate, internal affairs, urban policy and civic integration. Its main task is to give advice on proposed draft decrees concerning the regulation of that policy (the cabinet is obliged to ask the advice of the council on these drafts before they can send them to the parliament).

The council consists of 14 members appointed by the Flemish Government for four years: 10 independent experts and 4 representatives of the membership organizations of the local and provincial authorities.

Professor Herman Matthijs is appointed as president by the council. Professor Herwig Reynaert is the vice-president.

If you would like more information, please send an email to adviesraad@bz.vlaanderen.be.

You can also call +32 (0)2 553 40 15.